> So if you go to one of your splits after the queen is working and find 
> cells of AFB.  What is your move?  Do you settle for requeening?  Do you 
> medicate? Do you remove only the affected frames?  I would assume 
> depopulating would not be in your plans.

I have only a few hives.  If I found AFB, and assuming I had managed to 
convert to stock that should be resistant, I would do what I have done in 
the past: watch and wait.

If the bees could not handle it, I might medicate that one hive.  After all, 
I would not intend to produce honey in that hive.  I'd likely requeen it.

In the past, many years back, I found a few AFB hives scattered around my 
outfit and picked them up and hauled them to a nurse yard with intent to 
medicate.  Things happened and I did not get there to do the job for several 
weeks.  When I opened the hives I could not find any AFB, so I did nothing.

As I have said before YMMV, and don't try this at home, kids, especially in 
Maryland or the hounds will be at your door. 

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