I received this article "Breastfeeding Kills:The pro-life case against birth control, nursing, and exercise" in my Google alerts. I had  never heard of Slate so I looked it up on Wikipedia and saw it was "politically liberal...current affairs and cultural magazine"

The article basically equates hormonal emergency contraception and breastfeeding's lactional amenorrhea, stating "clear scientific evidence that breast-feeding poses the same abortifacient risk as oral contraception," but then goes on to discuss the effects on caffeine's and exercise's association (in early pregnancy) "with an increased risk of miscarriage." So that's when I realized just how facetious the author is being (I hope).

Any of you more familiar with Slate and this particular author, William Salaten, its "Human nature: Science, technology, and life" contributor, care to comment??

link to article:

vicki hayes rn ibclc in brunswick ga


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