James Tobin wrote:

>Karl Miller:
>>I am reminded of the backwards logic that invites symphony attendees
>>to let the orchestra know what pieces they would like to hear performed.
>>The real question is, what pieces would get the classical music lover
>>who does attend to buy a ticket.
>I assume you skipped a "not" in the last line.

Yup, my apologies.

>Yes, that is what the management really ought to know, but since those
>non-attendees are not available to be surveyed

Well, I believe they can be.  What I have suggested is that the Symphony
post the survey on their web site...and then get the newspaper to run
an article about inviting any and all to take the survey.

On a related note...Thinking about this...can't recall if I mentioned
it or not, but I assigned my students an essay..."why don't more people
like classical music...and/or attend concerts." I am looking forward to
reading their papers...due a week from today.