> I'm sick and tired of losing good brood comb to worms (who isn't) and
> have wondered if anyone has insights on using the reintroduced Shell No
> Pest strips or their cousins to protect brood comb in storage.  I've
> checked the archives and find only one reference to NoPest strips, and
> it indicates they're quite deadly to bees...

If you are talking about what I think you are, these contain Vapona.
Vapona strips are extremely deadly to bees and if they are placed in the
vicinity of combs -- even in the same room --  the combs are never suitable
for use again.

A large beekeeper who shall remain nameless (no it wasn't me this time:)
ordered five hundred queens for splitting and they arrived just fine right
before the weekend.  He had to go a way on important business (fishing, or
some such thing) so he decided that the hall closet in his home would be a
perfect place to leave the queens for two days in their shipping boxes,
since it was dark and the temperature was moderate.

What he had not considered was that his wife had put a Vapona No-Pest strip
in there to keep the moths out of her furs and woollens...