Heinz Kern asks:

>Does anybody know any compositions - apart from Holst's Planets and
>Stockhausen's Zodiac - that are related to Astronomy, Astrology or the

Oh, yes, another one just occurred: John Cage's "Atlas Eclipticalis,"
named after a major star atlas dating from the 1950's.  (The other atlases
in the 3-volume series were Atlas Borealis and Atlas Australis, but I don't
think Cage ever got around to those.) I've never heard Eclipticalis, but
IIRC, didn't Levine record it with Chicago for DGG? Presumably Cage used
some parts of the stellar data--coordinates, magnitudes, spectral types,
or something--as a basis for his composition.  Does anyone else know the


Mike Smith
Boulder, Colorado