Mimi Ezust wrote:

>I don't think of this as being puritanical.  In fact, I feel deeply sorry
>for people who never learned to read music, never experienced playing in
>a musical organization, never played or sang well enough to be invited
>to play chamber-music or sing madrigals, never went to an adult music
>camp, never fiddled or tooted in community orchestras, never sat down and
>sight-read sonatas with a terrific pianist or flute player just for FUN.
>I don't say this to make people feel uncomfortable with their own level
>of understanding or appreciation.

"God respects me when I work, but He loves me when I sing."

                Rabindranath Tagore

Walter Meyer, a musical illiterate, who, despite Mimi's disavowals of any
intention to make people feel uncomfortable, now feels like the little
match girl peering into the window of opulence