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> A chap I know keeps his bees without permission on his allotment on the Isle
> of Portland in a roofless shed.  He planted a cupressus hedge next to the
> path.  As a howling gale is considered a quiet day on Portland they probably
> appreciate the extra shelter.  His neighbours obviously know about it and
> don't complain. They just take a break when he is working his bees.
> Chris Slade

In the Netherlands the community actually sponsors bee-houses set up in public
spaces (cycle-paths etc.) and allocate an Association to run this (they place the
hives of individual beekeepers there) as long as a specified amount of education
is done for groups that visit.

Perhaps there are some Dutch Beekeepers than can corroborate. We regularly host
Dutch visitors and actually have it first hand.

In Australia there are parks where Apiaries are set out as part of the
recreational activities there. Apparently bee forage is planted all around. This
out of Australasian Beekeeper circa 1993-94. Confirmation again?

Robert Post