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<<  "Oh, the nurse at the hospital (or sometimes her doctor) checked the
baby's latch and says it's fine. So it can't be positioning."

 That puts me in an awkward position - having to contradict the nurse or
 doctor. And I wonder how many mothers give up because they are in pain but
 they KNOW it can't be the latch or positioning because they were told it was

 Sorry, I guess that was a bit of a rant. But it is frustrating.

 Teresa Pitman
 Guelph, Ontario

I agree Teresa, it is frustrating. Twice this week I came across the same
problem. Both times nurses told the mothers that the babies were latched on
fine. One baby wasn't even sucking on the nipple--he was sucking his tongue.
The other one left a good sized bruise on the mom's areola.

One mom is nursing some, but also pumping-we'll be following her. The other
mom gave up BF after about 24 hrs. I guess it's good that we will be doing
some staff education this year. Hopefully we will be doing a lot of staff

Laura Hart
Central Florida

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