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RE:     Baby Magazine Clarification

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Subject: Baby Magazine Clarification

     Thank you for your E mail alerting us to this issue.  Here is the

     PS I forwarded your message and this response to Dr Gartner.

     Sherry Lyons

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Subject: Baby Magazine Clarification
Author:  Leslee Williams at AAP_ELKGRV_CS1
Date:    6/9/97 2:42 PM

     I spoke with the editor of Baby Magazine and they did indeed err in
     listing our 800# for more information on bottle feeding and calling us
     the "Institute of Pediatric Nutrition." This incorrect info ran in
     their June/July issue in an article about breast versus bottle

     The editor was very contrite and asked what she could do to make
     amends so I told her that, in addition to a correction, I would like
     to see the sentence, "The American Academy of Pediatrics believes
     breastfeeding is the optimal form of infant nutrition." She agreed.

     The correction will run in the August/September issue. Sherry, could
     you please let Dr. Gartner know that this matter has been handled?
     Thank you.