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Trade:  Dolobid
Uses:  Nossteroidal anti-inflammatory analgesic
AAP:  Not Reviewed

Diflunisal is a derivative of salicylic acid.  Diflunisal is excreted into
human milk in concentrations of 2-7% of the maternal plasma levels.  No
reprts of side-effects have been located.  This product is potentially a
higher risk NSAID and other less toxic compounds should be used.  Because it
is a derivative of slicylic acid, an increased risk of Reyes syndrome cannot
be excluded.  See ibuprofin as an alternative.

Adverse effects:  Prolonged bleeding time, headache, GI distress, diarrhea,
GI cramping

AHL= 8-12 hours                    M/P=
PHL=                                    PB= 99%
PK=2-3 hours                         Oral= Complete

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