I agree with Nancy.  Perhaps Dr. Bruce meant to say "orthodontists" and
not orthodontics. Would we need pediactric allergists if all mothers
breastfed.  Probably no, or maybe just one or two. Every city would have
one orthodontist instead of every dental practice having one.

My husband's family has bad teeth and all sibs either had braces or
should have had them.  My oldest has lost all her baby teeth and her
mouth looks great (even though years ago I was told she would need
braces).  My second one I worry about. She breastfed, but she is petite
and inherited my horse teeth. If that jaw doesn't do a lot of growing, I
can't imagine her escaping life without tinsel teeth.  The issue was not
whether or not she was breastfed, but genetics, as Nancy points out.

I think we all must use caution when we use absolute statements.
Breastfed babies never get ear infections, breastfed babies always have
perfect teeth. Let's give Dr. Bruce the benefit of the doubt and believe
that he was just being enthusiastic and not trying to delude the masses.

Kate Grosmaire, IBCLC, LLLL
APL State of FL