Melissa-what is PUPP?  I am not familar with that one!
     DebiSavage RN, BSN, SNM(hopefully to be IBCLC after 7/96 exam!)  from
Chicago, IL area

Date:    Tue, 4 Jun 1996 21:01:00 EDT
From:    "Melissa L. Brancho" <[log in to unmask]>
Subject: Breastfeeding rashes?

Any chance that the hormone levels of breastfeeding can trigger prolonged skin
reactions in certain moms?  I have persistant skin rashes that are exactly the
same as I have had while I was pregnant but since I am bfing for the longest
period I ever had before, I have noticed that they NEVER completely go away as
they did during pregnancy.  Is there any studies on this?  Anyone else have
information on this?

I have had a mom of a preemie (born at 33 weeks) who broke out with PUPP one
week pp and was finally given a correct diagnosis at 4 weeks pp and was
with hydrocort. cream.  She has had perisistent and repeat yeast infections
since birth that I never thought may be linked until now.  I also have had
problems with yeast when hormonal changes are going on (since my daughter has
dropping bfings, they become more frequent).  Seems to be a connection for me?
Anyone have more scientific information?  In cow town, there is not much
material available and I am not seeking personal advice for myself, just
a looking for information.

Melissa Brancho