Dear Elizabeth, Margaret, Lisa & other inspired slogan-makers,

Before you spend a lot of time thinking up slogans, you might want to check
out the slogans already available from some of us who've worked VERY
hard to spread the word about breastfeeding. I guess I can't break the
Lactnet rule that prohibits any mention of complete company names
(or at least seems to have been interpreted that way), but if you e-mail me
privately I'll share them with you. Sue Ann Kendall was kind enough to make
a web page for me at
diana.html. I hope to eventually have a complete online catalog on

Re: bottles with breastfeeding logos, I've looked into this before and
that to make and sell such a product would cost consumers about 3 times
what they would pay for a cute imprinted bottle at a discount store. Perhaps
you could encourage moms to simply purchase a paint pen at the craft
and write whatever they want on the cheaper unimprinted bottles. (I imagine
only folks with the resources to make an imprinted breastfeeding bottle are
the breastpump companies.)

Don't mean to burst your bubble! :) You guys came up with some great ideas.

Trying my best to promote breastfeeding,
Diana Dietz, RN
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