Short notes on these:
1)  confusion - I too try to never use this word.  I often use the analogy of
roller skating forward (breastfeeding) and roller skating backward (bottle) and
how do you  remember to do which when?

2)  diabetes - I have found that the mother's insulin requirements are almost
always lower while breastfeeding.  The problem sometimes occurs when the weaning
process begins.  The mother needs to watch her glucose level during this time.
I had one mother go totally out of control when she weaned.

3)  Dep - I too have had women experience low milk supply after receiving Depo

4)  Hospital fees - Linda, LEAVE WELL ENOUGH ALONE (yes I am yelling)  Don't
start something.  As long as you are getting time and paid, great!

Diane Herforth,
Tacoma WA