Hi all,

Just wanted to share with you that the Comité para la Evaluación de Riesgos
en Farmacovigilancia europeo-PRAC (Eurpoean Comitte for the Evaluation of
Pharmacological Risk - that is my translation) has just published a warning
on Domperidone (which is of legal use here in Europe). Looks like more
cases of life-threatening arrythmias have happened on people older than 60,
people with previous heart problems, AND when doses have been high or used
for long periods.

Thiis is the link from the Spanish Comitte which adopts the European
warnings and recommendations:

Bottom line: use ONLY for the treatment of nausea and vomit, never more
than 30 mg per day.

Has this recommendation been made elsewhere?

Warm hugs,

Dra. Carmela Baeza
Médico de Familia
Consultora Certificada en Lactancia Materna IBCLC<>
Autora de "Amar con los Brazos Abiertos"

Comprometida con el Derecho a Vivir


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