OK everyone -- you may have received an e-mail from IBLCE but if not please
please use this link and answer their survey about MILCC

Don't know what MILCC is?  You definitely need to answer the survey then.

Hint: How do YOU think IBLCE (well -- through its independent foundation,
MILCC) can help open the doors of our profession to those with
low-opportunity or low-income circumstances?

PLEASE share your views with MILCC!

Liz Brooks, JD, IBCLC, FILCA
Wyndmoor, PA, USA
websites: (and) www.LactSpeak/com/speaker/LizBrooks
Twitter: @LizBrooksIBCLC (and) Facebook:
IBCLCs empower women and save babies' lives!  See how skilled IBCLC care
differs from
other breastfeeding help, at The Massachusetts Breastfeeding Coalition's
Landscape of Breastfeeding Support:


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