This is a list for people working to help mothers breastfeed.  It is an open
list, but that doesn't mean that subscribers have a license to use it for
their own purposes no matter what those may be.  A new subscriber used it to
defend as scientific her methods in surveying mothers' opinions on formula
company so-called gift bags.  She was not forthcoming about who had
commissioned the survey in question, nor did she seek the advice of the
listmothers before sending her post to the list.  If it is the case that the
survey her firm carried out was commissioned by a group representing
manufacturers of infant formula who desire to market their products by use
of advertising bags to new mothers in maternity institutions, in conflict
with the WHO Code of marketing for such things, then it is hard to imagine a
legitimate reason for the market researcher to subscribe to Lactnet at all.
No matter how scientific the market research method, the motive for the
survey itself is reprehensible and certainly at odds with the goal of this

Any company claiming to adhere to the WHO Code is obligated to adhere to it
in all countries where they do business, even countries which, like the US,
have never ratified the Code.  This is a provision in the Code itself.  The
form of marketing represented by formula bags is expressly forbidden under
the Code.

We already know that Lactnet is monitored by various entities with
commercial interests in the choices mothers make about feeding their babies.
We take it as a compliment on behalf of all subscribers that someone would
take the trouble to subscribe to our list to reach all of you with any kind
of information or to find out what we are all discussing from week to week,
and we will continue to require that subscrbers read the guidelines and see
that their own posts are in accordance with them.  We will also continue to
make ourselves available by e-mail, as always
([log in to unmask]) for queries about whether a
particular post is appropriate for the list.

Rachel Myr
Kristiansand, Norway
Hoping listmother Kathleen is not flooded in VT


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