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Auto-Immune List
Auto-Immune List
Informed Discussion of Beekeeping Issues and Bee Biology
BEE-L is a moderated list for the discussion of research and
information concerning the biology of bees. This includes honey
bees and other bees (and maybe even wasps). We communicate about
sociobiology, behavior, ecology, adaptation/evolution,
genetics, taxonomy, physiology, pollination, and flower
nectar and pollen production of bees.
The British Polio Fellowship's Expert Panel and Advisory Group
****** L-Soft Only ******
Created: 070206 by: YP Level 2 Sales Rep: Donation
Limits** sub(??)
Open Discusssion
Posting Frequency: Weekly
Prime** Anytime

Customer Contact Info:
Meriel Davies
Telephone: 020 8836 3683
Added as Owner 2012.06.19 BP
per email from Lars
Moderated Classical Music List
A list where classical music enthusiasts can discuss music,
musicians, composers, composition, instruments, performance,
music history, recordings and all topics even remotely
related to classical music from all periods.
Deaf-Blind Citizens for Political Action
Deaf-Blind Citizens for Political Action
FIBROM-L Fibromyalgia Discussion Group
* chg to Daily-Threshold 450 2006.02.09 BP/L-Soft
* chg to Weekly archives 2006.02.09 BP/L-Soft
* chg from Public to Private 2006.03.10 by Bill Hartwell

* temp change email 2007.02.11 A. Liebl

* Please note that MGR-* mailboxes were discontinued in August 2013. ncb

* topic change 2008.04.26 CONJ to LIFE

****** L-Soft Only ******
Created: 2006.01.30 by: YP Level 2 Sales Rep: Donation
Limits** sub(??)
Migrated from MITVMA to L-Soft 060130 YP

* chg to Weekly archives 2006.02.09 BP/L-Soft for server load
* chg to Daily-Threshold 450 2006.02.09 BP/L-Soft

Customer Contact Info:
Publishing industry freelancers
Send** Editor,Hold

Language** NOHTML (reported as deprecated, therefore replaced below)

Auto-Delete** Yes,Semi-Auto,Delay(4),Max(100),Probe(0)
Renewal** 6-Monthly,Delay(14)
Confirm-Delay** 96

*** New version 11/26/02 by Kate ***
*** Dan off, by vw. 06/06/03 ***
*** Default options now make new subs moderated; Kate, 10/28/04 ***
*** candace removed her backup address from header, 01/15/05 ***
*** vickie email updated 1/19/06 ***
*** changed list owner to Chuck -- Kate 1/9/07 ***
*** removed myself and added Ruth as admin -- Kate 1/9/07 ***
*** temporarily put Kate back on, below line, ***
*** and added my second address -- Chuck 1/12/07 ***
*** forced error messages to go only to me for now, ***
*** and updated who can issue Review command, ***
*** and alleviated Ruth's burden by making her a non-owner mod ***
*** -- Chuck 1/13/07 ***
*** started phasing out required renewal, in one of probably two steps,
*** and then replaced Renewal line as stage two -- Chuck 1/18/07 ***
*** changed auto-deletion from semi-auto to manual -- Chuck 1/19/07 ***
*** made impossible dual subscriptions potentially available because ***
*** of case sensitivity of a certain mechanism -- Chuck 3/5/07 ***
*** added my third address -- Chuck 10/18/07 ***
*** further alleviated Ruth's burden by suspending
*** her moderation/review responsibilities -- Chuck 12/13/07 ***
*** sadly complied with Mary's request to undo her moderator/owner status,
*** and also replaced mechanism for discarding HTML -- Chuck 12/17/07
*** tried to put myself on "quiet" for a couple
*** of weeks. -- candace 5/8/08 ***
*** temporarily suspended her receipt of moderation msgs
*** for candace -- Chuck 5/12/08 ***
*** restarted my receipt of moderation msgs. -- candace 5/28/08 ***
*** completed, hopefully, the reversal of that suspension
*** of moderation msg deliveries to candace -- Chuck 5/29/08 ***
*** added Deborah's newish primary addy as owner/mod -- Chuck 10/16/10 ***
*** added another couple of addy's of mine as owners -- Chuck 7/3/13 ***

****** L-Soft Only ******
This list was closed. 11/21/02
Re-opened as donation 11/25/02

Date: 2002.03.25 By: jwb Sales Rep: Mktg Dept
Discussion List

Customer Contact Info:

- Electronic mail: "Chuck Brandstater"
- Job title: Accentuated Brandname Creativity, Inc.
- Phone:
- Language: English

Discussion for publishing industry freelancers in all lines
of work (includes editing, indexing, proofreading, writing,
typesetting, design, research, other). List topics include
publisher comparisons, job searches, and types of work;
rates and (non)payments; insurance and taxes; home offices
and equipment; and any other work-related issues. Discussion
should remain on topic. Anyone starting out in our business
is welcome. Those requesting a subscription must provide a
name; new subscribers are announced on the list.
Volunteer Opportunities
****** L-Soft Only ******
Created: 2013-07-01 by: YP Level 1 Sales Rep: MKTG
One-Way list
Posting-Frequency: Weekly
Prime** Anytime

Customer Contact Info:
Sarah Reusché
- Job title: French Cultural Center
- Phone: 617-912-0400x422
TopCops Civilian Discussion List
**** L-Soft Only****
99???? JW/Mktg donation Sponsored list
Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumor (GIST) Support Group
Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumor (GIST) Support Group
Genealogical Society of Collier County NFN
You should insert a short (4-5 line) description of your list here
Guaifenesin Protocol/Fibromyalgia Treatment
Guaifenesin Protocol/Fibromyalgia Treatment
Central Oregon Homeless Leadership Coalition Members
Central Oregon Homeless Leadership Coalition Members
NeighborImpact Head Start Families
NeighborImpact Head Start Families
NeighborImpact Head Policy Council
NeighborImpact Head Policy Council
Immokalee Inter-Agency Council NFN
The IIAC listserv is used for communication and community announcements for
Immokalee and its residents. Subscribers are agency staff, nonprofit volunteers
and people who work for government agencies and serve the Immokalee
Please read our Listserv Policy:
To learn more about IIAC go to

Service provided by NFN4Good - nonprofit technology and support
program of the Naples Free-Net and by LSoft's LISTSERV mailing
list software, email marketing software, email list
Informal Science Education Network
***** L-Soft only *****
Created 1996?
This list is a Donation list. See L-Soft Mktg Dept.


The Informal Science Education Network (ISEN) is offers an
environment for the exchange of ideas and knowledge
regarding informal science education. Museum staff, educators,
and other interested parties are encouraged to
Lactation Information and Discussion
Archived notes from LACTNET are NOT to be passed on to others without the
express written permission of the original poster. This is a matter of e-mail
netiquette/manners, and it is also a matter of safety, as notes that are taken out of
context may be misconstrued by others who have not had the good fortune to read
the entire discussion in its entirety. Information may be used inappropriately. If the
LACTNET listowners become aware of any misuse of these archives, we will delete
that person's subscription to LACTNET, and a note of warning will be sent to the

Send LACTNET administrative questions to LACTNET-
Legal Services Developers List TCSG
Legal Services Developers List TCSG
Michigan Smoke-Free Apartment List TCSG
* moved to 12/12/2011 BP

A mailing list for persons working on the MISmokeFreeApartment
Initiative in Michigan.
Mock, Mauck, Mauk, Mack (Germanic) Genealogy Discussion Group
*******L-Soft Use Only*********
This list was converted to a donation
list on 4/30/02 by PS.


Family History and genealogy discussion group pertaining to all variant
forms of the germanic surname Mock, Mauck, Mauk, Mack, etc in
America and throughout the world. For more information please refer to
the Home Page of the Mock Family Historian at:
NeighborImpact Board of Directors
NeighborImpact Board of Directors
NeighborImpact Child Care Resources
NeighborImpact Child Care Resources
NeighborImpact Donors
NeighborImpact Donors
NeighborImpact Media Contacts
NeighborImpact Media Contacts
NeighborImpact Neighbor Association
NeighborImpact Neighbor Association
NeighborImpact Partners
NeighborImpact Partners
NeighborImpact Emergency Closure Email to Text Contact
NeighborImpact Emergency Closure Email to Text Contact
NeighborImpact Volunteers
NeighborImpact Volunteers
You should insert a short (4-5 line) description of your list here
Pediatric GIST and Carney's Triad
Pediatric GIST and Carney's Triad
Springfield/Clark County Safety Council Discussion List
****** L-Soft Only ******
Created: 070719 by: YP Level 2 Sales Rep: Donation
Style: Open Discussion
PostFreq: Daily
Style: Open Discussion
Prime** Anytime

Customer Contact Info:
David Arthur
- Job title: 178 Fighter Wing
- Phone: 937-327-2223

This list is dedicated to providing a forum for Environmental,
Safety, and Health professionals to discuss matters relating to
their profession. It is provided by the Springfield/Clark County
Safety Council, and is restricted to ES&H employees within the
various member companies.
National Smoke Free Housing List TCSG
National Smoke Free Housing List TCSG
The Leader Connection
Owner Quiet:
****** L-Soft only
990325 BP/MKTG Level2/Free Hosting (Donation)
moved from
Exit**HAPPY99 Disabled BP 3/17/02
Tree Trust for Haringey (London, UK)



****** L-Soft Only ******
Created: 20071217 by: AL Level 2 Sales Rep: Marketing donation
* Style: Moderated Discussion
* PostFreq: Weekly
* Prime** Anytime
Customer Contact Info:
- Electronic mail: Robert Hare
- Job title: Tree Trust for Haringey
- Phone: (+44) (0) 20 8348 2710
- Language: English

E-mailing list for the Tree Trust for Haringey (London, UK).
Valhalla High School Class of 1980 NFN
List for Class of 1980 reunion of Valhalla High School
Coalition WG on Coordination Committee



****** L-Soft Only ******
Created: 2010-08-23 by: jwgh Level 1 Sales Rep: MKTG

Customer Contact Info:

- Electronic mail: Gillian Dell
- Job title: Transparency International
- Phone: 49-30-692-5836
- Language: English

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