Mimi sometimes gets stuck on the middle of certain pieces.

> For a few weeks I was stuck on the middle movement of the Rachmaninoff
> Symphonic Dances.  Today I seem to be stuck on the second movement of
> Sibelius Third Symphony.

I can easily relate to that.  Even the mere mention of these two pieces
tends to get me stuck because I love them both.

> Sometimes it's the melody that grabs me, but it can also be the rhythm
> or the instrumentation.

I don't know what it is.  Part of it must be the "ear worm" phenomenon.
This is actually something I aim for as a composer.  How can I create a
musical moment that will haunt people in the middle of the night when
they are trying to go to sleep and keep hearing my "worm" in their inner
ears?  If only I could lie awake stuck on Rachmaninoff or Sibelius!  In
my case it is as likely to be "Mairzy Doats" or "Popeye the Sailor Man."
Last night it happened to be one of my own settings of a song from
Shakespeare.   By the time I got up, I would gladly have settled for


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