Peter Lundin wrote:

>I don't know whether this recording is available on CD, but I do know
>Not being as methodical as Don (Satz), when I had a B-minor (or rather
>BACH) flu three years ago, I did a shootout in the local CD-emporium, and
>the one Recording I picked has not been covered by Don (or anyone else
>AFAIK).  It is on Berlin Classics (BC 1063-2) with the "Akademie Fur Alte
>Musik, Berlin" & Rias-Kammerchor, soloists:  Hillevi Martinpelto, Bernarda
>Fink, Axel Kohler, Christoph Pregardien, Mattias Gorne & Franz-Josef Selig,
>led by the distinguishable Rene Jacobs.

I thank Peter for mentioning this set which I was unaware of.  I looked it
up at CDNOW, and it is still listed for sale.  It was issued in 1994, has
a fine set of soloists, and Marcus Creed directs the choir.  There were
some sound samples available, and what I heard definitely sounded in the
right ballpark.  There was even a review attached which was complimentary
except that the reviewer felt that the Et in terra pax of the Gloria was
performed too slowly.  The sample I heard of the Et in terra pax was slow,
but I'd have to listen to the whole thing to arrive at any conclusion
concerning the interpretation.

This Jacobs set will be the next item I order on-line, and I'll
subsequently provide my opinion of the recording.  Berlin Classics also
has a B minor Mass conducted by Peter Schreier, presumably on modern

Again, my thanks to Peter.  I have other B minor Masses to acquire as well,
but with Peter's high opinion of Jacob's set, I might as well start with
the Jacobs.  I still can't find my copy of Herreweghe's 2nd set, but I know
it's here somewhere.

Don Satz
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