Joel Hill asked:

>Does anyone know a good cheap version of Das Lied? I don't know the work,
>and feel that I should, but don't want to shell out a bunch of Dollars.

By far the best value for money is the one that I picked up a few years
ago on XYZ Classics, with Anton Nanut leading the Ljubljana Symphony,
for $1.99.  Don't know if it's still available, but worth seeking out.

The downside is that no libretto/words are included, but you can get them
from the Web at:

Now, to return the favor, how about some suggestions for an inexpensive
Mahler 3? I've already considered and rejected the Leaper on Arte Nova;
not only has it received a cool reception on this list, but it doesn't
contain a libretto.  What about Lopez-Cobos? Recommendations?

 - seb