Let me belatedly jump on the bandwagon for the new CD by the Trio Serafino,
which includes our very own Listmember, David Runnion, cellist.

Others have raved about the Foote Trio.  Well, let me rave about its
discmate, the Shostakovich Piano Trio, Op. 67 (the second trio).  Wow!
Just listen to the ethereal harmonics in the first movement; talk about
taking us to icy realms!  The rest of the performance is just as striking
up to and including the folk-inspired last movement with its foot-stomping

The Trio Serafino is first-rate, ladies and gentlemen.

If you're interested you can learn more at

And Andrys Basten has alerted us to other fine performances to be found at
the mp3 site:

Constance Keene is one of our finest pianists.  I've never understood why
she didn't have a bigger career.

And our occasional list-contributor, John Bell Young, is not only a fine
critic but a helluva pianist.

Scott Morrison